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  god help me rolly it's still all about you

admit it rachel you like me because you enjoy getting beat down so really who’s screwed up

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  why do you love dawn?

okay anon you get the long version

to begin with i have a personal preference for teenage girls when it comes to fictional characters (and real life tbh), so my mind is set on “protect teenage girls at all cost” mode and dawn gets a lot of crap just for being one, i have to say. my love for her goes way beyond that, though. she gets to be very complex in a way that is possibly more subtle than other characters, but the phrase “you’re extraordinary” is definitely far from overdone.

she doesn’t have it easy to start with, what with the not being real and all that. remove her from any context and she is just a normal cutie teenager; moody, excited, protected. she likes school, she likes boys, she likes to irritate her big sister, she’s got an overprotective family, an absent father, basic stuff. nothing she can’t handle. then put her back in a house with the slayer, her sister who is powerful and possibly better than her, who won’t let her tag along with her during patrol or hang out with her when she has her friends/boyfriend around, a mother who loves her but is busy and overprotective just like her sister. that leaves you feeling inadequate (there’s a reason she gets along so well with willow, and then tara; little girls who never quite felt like they belonged and valued knowledge and learning for the fun of it)(note that what makes her so different than other people seeking knowledge on this show is that she does it simply for the sake of truth and not power, and that says a lot about her neutrality, objectivity and open-mindedness imo). so this overprotected very normal girl learns someday that she isn’t actually real. those memories, feelings and bonds that she’s always felt, her whole life have been fabricated. so her family isn’t really hers and she’s not real. honestly, i can’t even fathom. i have no idea what the hell i would feel in her place. but i see this arc a little like learning you’ve been adopted, and the feelings afterwards that nobody really wants you. it doesn’t help that people keep hiding things from her. that people keep leaving her. yet she pulls through this quite fantastically. and that is her first very real appeal to me, that she has so much strength. it is not unique to her, but she has it and it would be unfair to take it from her. it must run in the family, because summers women go through absolute shit yet they stand back up and keep going. give that girl the time to actually compute all that information and react to it (yeah she was freaked out i feel like that’s a fairly human reaction) and then she can live with it. you know how she goes “keys don’t have to go to school” at first and then she goes back to school because she can’t just stop living because of this shit.

i’m still not over how interesting this storyline is, though, that she is actually this neutral source of energy that has so much power it can open walls between dimensions. i say neutral because the debate on if the key is evil or not is key (pun!) to her arc like, it’s what use you do of the key that might be evil but not the key itself. and the key is now a person, with a conscience and the actual ability to make a difference between good and evil, and the ability to feel guilty for all the pain being what she is (who she is) can cause. it gets me every time when she goes “i must be something so horrible to cause so much pain and evil”. the martyr complex might be another summers woman tm character trait. but this leads to her deciding that the faith of the world is more important than her life, she is on the top of that tower and they are running out of time and dawn summers is ready to sacrifice herself to save the world. that is without mentioning how her blood tie to buffy makes her the most important fucking thing on the planet. that they have constructed this intricate relationship between sisters where they get on each other’s nerves and steal each other’s clothes but they love and protect each other at all cost. buffy loves her (fabricated) sister so much that she sacrifices herself instead. and dawn’s existence was essential to buffy’s quest of love and as a slayer. and it is so so important that this love that buffy found was sisterly love! it is so important and i hope i don’t have to explain why. so yeah dawn is probably the core of what makes season 5 my favourite.

so moving on to season 6. dawn’s mother and sister are dead, her dad still doesn’t give a shit, giles (her last actually able parental figure) leaves the country. we get beyond the feeling of inadequacy now, this is abandonment territory. she doesn’t even get to be over one person leaving or one person dying, they all go away one after the other and she can’t do anything about it. she still keeps a straight face though. even before buffy’s death she was losing interest in school (even though she loves it! let’s not gloss over symptoms of depression in a young person? she even hurt herself?) but kept going because she couldn’t be sent away, and now she lives with a robot buffy and her dead sister’s friends and carries on. she’s a person though. she’s tough, but she probably has way more on her shoulders than she can handle. and no matter how she came into this world she is still very real and she is a person and guess what… she screws up. absolutely lovely! give me a well rounded fifteen year old on a show where everyone else is an adult please! i have this problem where a friend of mine (and i assume many other people around the world and on this website) thinks that she serves no purpose after season 5 and she became useless. in the strict sense of the word she wasn’t the key anymore, so yeah… but do you really get rid of people once they don’t serve a specific purpose anymore? really? a sister? who is a complex individual? like, no she’s not fodder to anybody’s storyline anymore, she gets her own. and after all she has been through, in her damaged state, school isn’t as important anymore, and her cry for help is quiet but very real. she starts stealing, staying late, getting into dangerous situations. her sister comes back but isn’t quite the same and it looks like she doesn’t want her around anymore. it’s not just about not being the most important person in the world anymore, but not feeling important at all to anyone who should make her a priority because she is in their care. anyone who would have paid a little attention to her would have noticed. but they all had their problems, which is legitimate, but doesn’t take away dawn’s pain at being ignored. she lost a mother, a sister in more than two ways, a father and a father figure, her best friend because he was too busy having sex with her sister (so mad at u spike), another mother/sister figure in willow who was an addict and put her life in danger recklessly, and then tara. and guess what yet again she felt remorse for what she did, even though she is entitled as anyone else to fuck up. she went back to the stores to give back what she took. through the whole season she suffered in silence and put her own pain aside because she knew and understood that people around her had problems of their own. and she was being the most caring and supportive sister she could be, helping her sister through depression as much as she could, motivating buffy to stay alive and taking on house responsibilities. in the end she couldn’t be everything to buffy anymore and that was a lot on her. but they got though it.

i think season 7 is when her abilities are put in better use. sort of ironic because most people think it’s the season she is most boring i guess. well, she is definitely not an object of destruction or a depressed teenager anymore. and maybe she doesn’t really get a constant storyline either. but since she first appeared we’ve seen a little of her more feisty and sassy sides here and there. the brave girl who looks a vampire in the eye and asks if his threats are supposed to scare her or actually threatening a gang of vamps who got her chained up. the curious girl who seeks answers and sneaks out to get them, who cracks a joke about harry potter or giving birth to pterodactyls and has a clever pun hidden in her pocket for a rainy day. the one who wanted to be a part of the battle, insisted on helping with research and reading books about demons, watching her sister’s fighting techniques and being able to hold her own in a fight. but also the one that was shut down and protected. and when we get to s7 she doesn’t have to be protected anymore, buffy looked at her and saw her, what she could do, her potential, and realized that they could fight together and that she wanted to teach her. and look at her taking vampires on her own or translating dead languages and reciting old stories or performing exorcisms on her own to get to talk to her mother. and look at her protecting her classmates from ghosts or making friends with the suicidal girl to make sure that she’s safe or giving an inspirational speech to amanda about how special she is and giving over the power to her because it wasn’t hers and she’s not. special.

dawn summers has no magical power beyond the one she had within herself when she could be used to open doors between dimensions. she has no super strength or potential to be more than she is. but she doesn’t have to be. she loves to learn for the sake of knowledge and help because she can be a part of it and when the spotlight is not on her she gives up the stage and whispers the lines and she gives unconditionally everything that she can; chances, love, understanding, forgiveness, support. and stands up for the people she cares about and you damn well better believe that if she’s not special she is fucking extraordinary.

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This is elvish-elvis' fault for making the Han Yolo comment in a previous post. SORRY NOT SORRY ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


oh my god top bunks are horrible everyone is like “FIGHT FOR THE TOP BUNK!!!’ and i’m like “LITERALLY WHY HOW ARE YOU NOT TERRIFIED OF FALLING OUT”

u get me

although to me it’s more about the privacy of the bottom bunk than height but i definitely win by default while not fighting for the top one

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This was so much more than expected thank u friend

i hate this show tbh

regina mills appreciation week
day one: favorite persona

"Bold and audacious, perhaps. But not evil.”
"The name served me well. Fear is quite an effective tool."

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ok i am ready

i hate:

  1. hook
  2. that getting hook and emma into a romantic relationship is more important than giving emma actual character development, real bonds with anybody including the son she’s been fighting for for three seasons, or explaining to regina why she was going to take away said son without mentioning it to her like she can just take that kind of decision whenever she wants
  3. that emma doesn’t care about anyone because she’s not allowed to be emma anymore tbh
  4. rumpelstiltskin
  5. that he gets away with shit son way abusive behavior
  6. and somehow it’s romantic like all the shit any male character comes up with like giving up your ship for a woman makes you worthy and you haven’t tried to murder anybody lately (let’s be best pals!!)
  7. that the only queer lady (of color!) was sent off after almost confessing her love to another woman.
  8. that the male romantic interest was brought back just to keep this ship from happening because no homo (just maybe homo but we won’t actually tell you and then you won’t see any of them again except aurora who’s pregnant for one second)
  9. fandom
  10. i won’t get into how swan queen won’t happen because (again) no homo
'it's an old earthly classic, leia!!!! it got AWARDS of some kind' 'yeah, whatever. i saw you wipe your nose on the sheets.'



the new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

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pls han watches the notebook while leia is asleep

you make an excellent point

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you’re amazing

  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching: i think they both watch the same shows tbh, action packed block busters probably.
  • who snores: han. loser.
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off: leia!
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance: leia gets the top bunk she won’t let han get away with this shit he can lie close to the floor where he belongs
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other: han. maybe he’s good at it too we just don’t know.
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal: aw leia bab. she’s mastered mac and cheese but fine cuisine is han’s job tbh.
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  you know who

i hate that you don’t even have to mention them anymore i mean we both have other interests what is this

  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching: casey controls the netflix account and she defnitely watches all the gossip girl type shows and derek hates that he has to scroll through all the girly shows and she doesn’t tell him that she can see his history…
  • who snores: casey snores
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to get to go off: derek. he has something like we are the champions. when casey finds that out she starts calling him ten times a day that’s when things degenerate tbh.
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given the chance: derek runs into the room and jumps into the top bunk before casey even realizes they are sharing a room but he sneaks into her bed during the night anyway.
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other: derek doesn’t play piano probably but hell yes he will wake her up at 6am if he gets the chance especially when he kept her up all night with his shenanigans. 
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal: let’s be real derek won’t attempt to cook at all and casey will set everything on fire even if she’s a good cook. what a team.
who snores angel doesn’t breathe

see i didn’t even factor that in you’re way smarter than me